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Every elite waver knows that one product won’t give you great waves. It’s all about trying and mixing products that work best for your hair type and wave pattern.

The CBD Elite Set delivers the ultimate moisture and definition for wavers who want to get the next level.

Contains one of each of the following:

Spin'n CBD Calming Wave Cream  8.0 oz. (227 g)

Spin’n CBD is a CBD oil infused version of our popular Spin’n Waves Wave Cream. Spin’n CBD is an excellent grease free pomade alternative and provides tons of hold, definition and wave making power. CBD oil is an interesting and amazing ingredient which is proven to deliver excellent results for both hair and scalp health. It offers strong hold and is ideal for wavers that prefer a more natural, healthy looking finish without the greasy buildup.

CBD Hair & Body Oil 4.2 fl. oz. (120 mL)
Wavebuilder 420 CBD Hair and Body Oil is an excellent nutrient rich hair and body moisturizer. CBD oil can work wonders for skin, hair and scalp – and new research is turning up every day to support its effectiveness. We formulated this oil to eliminate greasiness, stickiness and buildup so you can use it anywhere on your body whenever and wherever dryness is a problem - without worry. Wavebuilder 420 CBD Oil is also unique in its ability to absorb deeply and quickly. As a general, all-around oil moisture solution, nothing beats Wavebuilder 420 CBD Hair and Body Oil.
CBD Brushing Oil Moisturizing Revitalizer  4.8 fl oz. (142 mL)
Brushing is key to spin’n. Wavebuilder Brushing Oil turbocharges the brushing process and makes it easier and more effective. Wavebuilder 420 CBD Brushing Oil goes one step further than the original with the added calming power of CBD oil. CBD oil calms the curl pattern in hair - and makes it much easier to form well defined waves. Wavebuilder 420 CBD Brushing Oil absorbs quickly and helps your brush glide more easily, preventing the breakage wavers may get from dry brushing. Excellent as an addition to your wave making regimen.

Deep Wave CBD Pomade 3 oz. (85 g)

Wavebuilder Deep Wave is clearly the best pomade money can buy.  Deep Wave CBD goes one step further than the original with added CBD oil. CBD oil absorbs super quickly and is an excellent emollient. Research indicates that CBD oil helps calm and loosen the curl pattern of hair – which is just what is needed for outstanding, well defined and super deep waves. As always with Deep Wave, there is zero buildup, zero stickiness and tons of nutrient moisture, hold and shine. An excellent choice for top wavers.

CBD Wave Butter Deep Calming Moisture 5.1 oz. (145 g)
Moisture and hydration are essential for maintaining deep, healthy looking and defined waves. Wavebuilder 420 CBD Wave Butter is a moisture and hydration formula without equal - because it contains CBD oil which calms the curl pattern of hair and makes waving easier and more effective. Wavebuilder 420 CBD Wave Butter revitalizes dry hair and scalp, prevents breakage & provides a light hold, leaving hair soft & conditioned with a healthy shine. Try this formula once – and see the difference immediately.

Hydro Tonic CBD 2 In 1 Solid Shampoo & Bodywash Bar 6 oz. (170 g)
Hydro Tonic CBD Shampoo and Bodywash Bar works as a body soap and as a healthy non-stripping, wave safe shampoo. It is infused with CBD oil and other active moisturizers for amazing skin, scalp and hair benefits including gentle cleansing and conditioning of your hair and body. Hydro Tonic will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed and your hair clean and never stripped or dry - so your waves will not be erased and your hair will be in prime wave making condition.