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Every elite waver knows that one product won’t give you great waves. It’s all about trying and mixing products that work best for your hair type and wave pattern.

The CBD Elite Set delivers the ultimate moisture and definition for wavers who want to get the next level.

Contains one of each of the following:

Spin'n CBD Calming Wave Cream  8.0 oz. (227 g)

Our signature wave cream is infused with CBD oil and helps make waves appear fuller and thicker. Spin’n CBD delivers moisture to hair & scalp, calming the scalp and laying down stubborn hair. It is a pomade alternative with a strong hold and is ideal for wavers that prefer a more natural, healthy looking finish without the greasy buildup.

CBD Hair & Body Oil 4.2 fl. oz. (120 mL)
Instantly add moisture with 2-in-1 CBD Hair & Body Oil. CBD supplies beneficial vitamins & nutrients that protect & hydrate dry hair and skin. It glides easily over hair and skin without leaving a greasy feel. Can also be used on beards. This nourishing oil is all-around great for your hair and body.

CBD Brushing Oil Moisturizing Revitalizer  4.8 fl oz. (142 mL)
Elevate your brush sessions with the high- performance CBD Brushing Oil. Our signature Brushing Oil formula is infused with CBD, which is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. This unique formula helps give you a fuller, thicker wave pattern and deeper definition. CBD Brushing Oil absorbs quickly and helps your brush glide more easily, preventing breakage wavers may get from dry brushing.

Deep Wave CBD Pomade 3 oz. (85 g)

Get deeper, healthier looking waves without the greasy buildup. Deep Wave CBD Pomade is fortified with vitamins and CBD oil to nourish hair and prevent breakage wavers may get from brushing. It penetrates waves and soothes the scalp, leaving you with fuller, deeper waves. Extra added moisturizers help soften hair for a smoother lay down and long-lasting hold.

CBD Wave Butter Deep Calming Moisture 5.1 oz. (145 g)
The top wavers know that moisture is essential for maintaining deep, healthy looking waves. CBD Wave Butter transforms dry, damaged hair into strong, healthy strands and prevents breakage. The powerful vitamins and nutrients in CBD oil calm hair and scalp. CBD Moisture Butter helps prevent breakage & provides a light hold leaving hair soft & conditioned with a healthy shine.

Hydro Tonic CBD 2 In 1 Solid Shampoo & Bodywash Bar 6 oz. (170 g)
Hydro Tonic CBD 2-in-1 shampoo & bodywash bar cleans and refreshes both the hair and body. The vitamins and fatty acids in CBD oil nourish and hydrate from head to toe. This bar leaves your waves clean and your skin feeling soft and refreshed.  Wavers can reduce their wash time with a quick shower brush wash, beard wash and body wash all in one.